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       Foundry Research and Development Production Center (NEK ltd) was established in 1990 by a well-known Russian foundry-man Dr. Ernst N. Kornienko to solve technical problems of castings production in one of the industrial regions of Russia known for its oil fields and truck building industry. Research premises of the company are rationally combined with the production sites to fulfill the task of new foundry processes and materials development and implementation.

      Obtained R&D work results determine the company business activity main trends:

  • cast and machined flanges of advanced mechanical properties and hydraulic tightness of Cu-Ni alloys, bronze as well as constructional and stainless steel alloys manufactured by a centrifugal casting method;

  • bronze, brass and iron sliding insert cast blanks of advanced anti-friction properties manufactured by a directed crystallization centrifugal method. Also anti-friction ductile iron grades have been developed for production of inserts and slide guides to replace bronze ones;

  • bronze and brass cast crown gear blanks of superior mechanical and anti- friction properties produced by a centrifugal casting method;

  • shaped castings of stainless and high temperature alloys;

  • shaped castings of constructional steel and iron grades;

  • heavy-weight spheroidizing alloying compositions (inoculants) of high assimilation rate and fire-free inoculant introduction procedure for ductile iron production;

  • Al-Ni, Al-Ti alloying compositions for aluminum castings production;

  • ductile iron castings of different application range;

  • bronze and iron art and decorative cast items;

  • at present a centrifugal casting method for production of bandage rings used in oil extracting plants is under development.

      Cast products are supplied to the customers with Quality Certificates which show their conformity to ASTM and GOST requirements.

       Research and development facilities which allow to develop new casting materials, methods and equipment include :

  • physic-chemical methods of material study laboratory;

  • mechanical tests laboratory;

  • metallographic study laboratory;

  • casting-metallurgic processes laboratory;

  • mold and core-making sand and material laboratory;

  • new casting equipment samples making area.

       Within a relatively short period of time without any outside financial support 1000 ton ferrous and 200 ton non-ferrous castings per year production premises were built only with the mere company research and production potential. Flexible production (including melting furnaces of 69, 160, 250,400 and 1000 kg capacity, centrifugal casting machines, carousel type pouring machine, permanent mold machines, die casting machines vacuum low pressure die casting machines, vacuum film molding equipment, clay-sand mold casting and a wide range of machining equipment) allows to manufacture castings of a wide range of alloys of different shape, including intricate ones, the weight range is from 0.2 to 1500 kg.

       At present the company supplies castings to the domestic market: among its customers are oil and gas industry enterprises, oil machine-building, tire producing agricultural and cement companies.

       Advanced casting processes and high quality of machining made it possible to enter foreign markets. The company supplies Cu-Ni alloy flanges to USA.

       One of the most promising constructional casting material is SG ductile iron Dr. Ernst N.Kornienko who established the Foundry Research and Development Production Center in Elabuga and devoted his life to the material thorough study. He developed theoretical basis, production methods and inoculating compositions for this grade of iron , the copyrights being reserved by more than 30 patents of Russia. Almost all his developments and achievements in this field were introduced into production at KAMAZ Heavy-Duty Truck Plant and are successfully used here in Elabuga. Surface it to mention that gearings made of new ADI grade iron (developed and manufactured here at the production premises in Elabuga) installed in KAMAZ dump trucks gear boxes show outstanding performance characteristics - running already for 4 years without repair and replacement.

       Specialists-researchers of the R&D production center in Elabuga together with the specialists of the Tire-producing company in Nizhnekamsk carrued out a great deal of work to replace expensive foreign made scarce bronze parts with those of new grade ductile iron ones having significantly reduced production costs and increased life time by more than 7 times.

       High quality of product, timely delivery, long term relations and mutually beneficial prices - those are principles which company bases its business activity on.

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