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Cast products are supplied to the customers with Quality Certificates



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  • cast and machined flanges of advanced mechanical properties and hydraulic tightness of Cu-Ni alloys, bronze as well as constructional and stainless steel alloys manufactured by a centrifugal casting method;

  • bronze, brass and iron sliding insert cast blanks of advanced anti-friction properties manufactured by a directed crystallization centrifugal method. Also anti-friction ductile iron grades have been developed for production of inserts and slide guides to replace bronze ones;

  • bronze and brass cast crown gear blanks of superior mechanical and anti- friction properties produced by a centrifugal casting method;

  • shaped castings of stainless and high temperature alloys;

  • shaped castings of constructional steel and iron grades;

  • heavy-weight spheroidizing alloying compositions (inoculants) of high assimilation rate and fire-free inoculant introduction procedure for ductile iron production;

  • Al-Ni, Al-Ti alloying compositions for aluminum castings production;

  • ductile iron castings of different application range;

  • bronze and iron art and decorative cast items;

  • at present a centrifugal casting method for production of bandage rings used in oil extracting plants is under development.

      Cast products are supplied to the customers with Quality Certificates which show their conformity to ASTM and GOST requirements.

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